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Dr Inventor

About This Project

Scientific creativity and innovation are seen as the beating heart of European growth in the time of rapid technological changes. Dr Inventor is built upon the vision that technologies have a great potential in supplementing human ingenuity in science by overcoming the limitations that people suffer in their efforts for scientific discovery. It presents an original system that offers inspirations for scientific creativity by utilising the rich presence of web-based research resources. Dr Inventor acts as a personal research assistant that utilizes machine-empowered search and computation to bring researchers extended perspectives for scientific innovation by informing them a broad spectrum of relevant research concepts and approaches, by allowing novelty assessment of research ideas, and by offering suggestion of new concepts and workflows with unexpected features in an autonomous manner.

Long Title: “Promoting Scientific Creativity by Utilising Web-based Research Objects”

Project Findings

Dr Inventor is an attempt to understand the potentials of the technologies in scientific creative processes under the current technology limitations. It represents a sound balance between scientific insights to individual scientific creative process, innovative technologies in information extraction, document summarization, semantics and visual analytics to support the technical implementation, and an integrated system that allows evaluation in a selected research area under real-world settings with carefully designed metrics, benchmarks and baseline for creative performance, leading to tangible measurements on the performance of the technologies in enhancing human creativity and a blueprint of future technologies in computational creativity.


Dr Inventor has a great implication to scientific innovation in Europe, as it can potentially change the way scientific research is undertaken. The acceptance of the system by general research communities will open opportunities for many industrial sectors, leading to reinforced leadership of European industry.

Involved In This Project

Principle Funders

European Commission

Institutions Involved

Prof. Feng Dong, Prof. Gordon Clapworthy, University of Bedfordshire, UK
Dr. Horacio Saggion, Prof. Leo Wanner, Universitat Popeu Fabra, ES
Prof. Oscar Corcho, Daniel Garijo, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ES
Diarmuid O’Donoghue, National University of Ireland Maynooth, IE Xia Zhao, Dr. Yujiong Ye, AnSmart Ltd., UK
Dr Babak Mahdian, Dr Radim Nedbal, IMAGEMETRY S.R.O., CZE INTELLIXIR SARL, FR

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