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About This Project

The “AniNex” is designed to anticipate and lead the development of next generation techniques related to computer animation and its applications, via integrating knowledge and talents of people from top institutions across the world who have been at the forefront of the relevant fields for many years. This will be achieved by research collaboration at various levels and scheduled staff exchange among five partners of the consortium through the well aligned work packages.


Long Title: User Centred Computer Animation Techniques for Next Generation Digital Creation and Modelling


Project Duration: 1 Dec, 2013 to 30 Nov, 2017
Project Findings

Research findings will provide knowledge and skills to effectively improve creative competitiveness in the computer animation, film and gaming sectors, shed light on other creative experiences, such as real time simulation and visualisation, augmented reality, 3D animation, visual computing, game engine and immersive experience, and its impact can be further extended to other beneficiaries in other fields like medical applications, design and manufacturing where knowledge of novel simulation and visualisation can contribute to the enhancement and enrichment of user experiences.

The implementation of the project will have the following key impacts:

  1. Dissolving technical boundaries: The designed research activities in “AniNex” will dissolve technical boundaries of different disciplines related to computer animation and creative technology. The “AniNex” will have a strong impact in restructuring the research capacities and technological skills in computer graphics, computer geometry, and computer aided design & manufacturing. It will provide a platform for effective communication among researchers from different background to help identify the barriers and overcome the challenges. The staff mobility and construction of virtual centre of excellence will remove the geological constraint and prompt productive research collaboration. The technical boundaries can be dissolved via collaboration on research topics with mutual interests to all parties and forge discussion and research workshops to exchange idea and skills. Certainly, merging the human power and integrating the facilities and resources will accelerate the emergence of new technology and methods for next generation of computer animation and creative design, benefiting the wide society.
  2. Spreading and promoting innovation: The expert knowledge and innovations made in the Network will be carefully categorized and presented to the public to enhance efficiency of research activities inside the network and to provide broader accessibility on the development of new concepts and technical innovations. “AniNex” will provide international research infrastructures for research activities in the field of dynamics modelling and character modelling & animation, which will be developed and maintained also for the needs of the outside-the-Network community. This infrastructure and related activities will not be restricted to the period of EU funding, but they will establish sustaining collaborations among research institutions globally. Specially, WP3 & WP4 are designed to disseminate knowledge to the wide public with other complementary approaches, including website material, open/guest lectures, academic publications and usage of other available Media.
  3. Opening future research themes in the related fields Researching novel approaches that target to resolving complex physics and character modelling will generate new vision with efforts of the involved researchers to explore the new boundary of technology development in computer animation and related fields and draw a clear roadmap/direction for future research to release the technology potential. In a particular manner, new areas of development will be oriented in marketplace both for the VFX industry and CAD & manufacturing through the existing links to industry.

Involved In This Project

Principle Funders

SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME - THE PEOPLE PROGRAMME - International Research Staff Exchange Scheme

Institutions Involved

National Centre for Computer Animation, Bournemouth University NCCA UK
MIRALab, University of Geneva UNIGE Switzerland
National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology, Tsinghua University THU China
The State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences ISCAS China
The State Key Laboratory of Computer Aided Design and Computer Graphics, Zhejiang University, China ZJU China

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