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BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design

Welcome to one of the newest computer animation art and design degrees in the UK, taught at the NCCA (National Centre for Computer Animation), which is one of the most established and highly regarded centres for animation in the country. The course is taught by highly-skilled academic staff, professional practitioners and guest speakers seasoned with world-class industry knowledge.


This cutting-edge course places an emphasis on the creative side of computer animation, combining traditional art disciplines like life drawing and cinematography with more technically focused disciplines to produce computer animation using industry-standard tools and software.


This course aims to produce graduates who are going to shape the computer animation, visual effects and computer games industries. As a graduate from this degree, you’ll have a well-rounded knowledge of the design and aesthetic principles required in computer animation production. Outside of the classroom you’ll pick up valuable experience and professional contacts during a 30-week work placement, completed anywhere in the world, should you decide to study for four years.


Ultimately the course will help you to acquire the skills to fulfil roles such as computer graphics and animation artistic director (AD) and animator, visual effects artist, and visual effects supervisor in the fields of computer animation, visual effects and computer games industries.

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