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Visualising Emotions within Computer Graphics

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By Thomas Hales


Computer Animation influences all areas of our every day life. Since the 1990?s commercial Speech recognition systems have been available off the shelf, but it has not been until the last few years that systems can now boast up to 99% accuracy (Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Pro V8 Program). This has greatly expanded the market of such systems and challenged companies to push the technology further. The majority of this extended research has been emotion recognition. This report will explore speech and emotion recognition and will look into methods of extracting basic meaningful data from sound files, with the use of Houdini, and expressing their content visually through colour and shape.


This project will present a number of personal challenges. Firstly, I will be producing a visual product; a short animation showing the audio editing capabilities of Houdini. Secondly, gathering information on emotion
recognition and applying it to my work.









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