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The Wolf and the Rabbit

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By Alexandra Symonds


For anyone interested in entering the field of character animation, there are a lot of artistic and technical aspects of movement that have to be understood and absorbed. While there are differences between what works in CG and 2D animation, the underlying principles of movement are the same regardless of medium. Therefore, as a computer animator it seems wise to at least give 2D animation an experimental try. It’s possible that a CG animator may discover a definite preference for 2D animation, or reaffirm their choice to work in CG. It’s also possible that drawing all the inbetweens personally instead of letting the software do it for you will result in a greater understanding of motion. Raising one’s awareness of 2D animation solutions may lead to improved 3D work, if a way can be found to apply them. Also, the differences in the 2D animation process will help with separating animation from the software and allow you to focus on the actual motions themselves.




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