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By Alexandru Vasilache


Two years ago, a friend of mine gave me a book named “The Magic Eye???. It contained a lot of coloured posters that made no sense, very abstract repetitive shapes with bright colours. After reading the ‘Introduction’ I learned that I had to start looking at the picture five centimetres away from my eyes and then slowly pull the picture away from me while keeping the focus still. After two hours of eye straining exercise I saw the first Autostereogram (which was a bottle of Absolut vodka). It was really magic that from an image that made no sense you could see a three dimensional object. After seeing all the plates, the book was forgotten on the shelf.


Last year I saw on Imax “Odyssey 3D???. It was absolutely stunning and my interest in stereography was renewed. So I decided that my innovations project will be an attempt to implement in a 3D package (Maya) the concept of stereography.


This report intends to explain Stereography and show a way of implementing stereo images on a computer.






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